Remanufactured Electric Motor Inventory

Over 42,000 Sq. Ft. WarehouseOver 42,000 sq ft warehouse

As an American electric customer you can save thousands of dollars every month by using our motor exchange program.

With over 13,000 electric motors of all types, including servo-motors, in our inventory we are able in the majority of cases to ship a replacement motor within two hours. You save money by:

  • Reducing or Eliminating Down Time
  • Reducing or Eliminating your spare motor inventory
  • By Reducing your Repair Costs.

How does the motor exchange program work?

Typical Motor Exchange Transaction

  1. Motor fails in your plant. Contact American Electric with the motor information including the model number, frame, H.P., R.P.M., and any additional modifications.
  2. American Electric pulls a motor from their inventory and ships it to your plant, normally within two hours.
  3. Failed motor is returned to us within two weeks of ship date of exchange motor.
  4. Failed motor is evaluated and repaired.
  5. You are charged for the cost to repair the failed motor along with a complete break-down of the repairs and the motor is returned to our stock.



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Why Use Remanufactured Electric Motors?

DELIVERY: Shipment within two hours.
PRICE ADVANTAGE: Generally 20% to 50% below the cost of new.
LIMITED WARRANTY: One year warranty.
STOCK: Over 13,000 motors available for immediate shipment.

Should I Use Remanufactured Electric Motors?

remanufactured-motor-warehouse-inventoryServo Motors

  1. We stock many hard to find Pre-NEMA frames.
  2. All motors are rebuilt and tested to original manufacturers specifications and carry the same warranty.
  3. Remanufactured motors can often be delivered in hours or at the most days instead of weeks or months. This will get you up and running quickly eliminating expensive down time.
  4. Remanufactured equipment often comes from the older equipment which is built heavier and tougher.

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